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From NE-mation Clip musicale
This is a short video of how we could protect Singapore from terrorists attacks etc.

For military defence: For all boys in Singapore, we must remain strong physically and mentally and we need to join National Service at the age of 18 with improved weapons and armory to take actions and precautions when terrorists target Singapore.

For civil defence: We need to think and react quick and have a state of preparedness when we experience troubles or disasters like fire or robbery. The Singapore Civil Defence force conducted a few events relating to fire safety shown below to help teach the young and old how to extinguish a fire in an emergency:

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For economy defence: We must be intelligent on the use of scarce natural resources, limited land area, and heavy reliance on human resources, technological skills and capital investments Singapore have. When we grow up and learn more about the economy, we must ensure that the competing demands of the military and the economy can be accommodated in times of crises.

For Social Defence: We need to build a bond in racial harmony and prevent racist issues from happening and
reinforces national integration in a multi-racial society so that a strong nation of committed citizens will emerge successfully time to time.

For Psychological Defence: We need to take pride and identity in our country and change the mindset of Singaporeans for their selfishness acts. Being proud for our country is essential so that when you go overseas, people know we are from Singapore and will greatly welcome you to their country to start a business, work, or study at their outstanding universities.

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