4 Jan. Bridge Building Activity

Posted by BENZ Kew , Monday, January 4, 2010 6:38 PM

Our group did a satisfactory job as we listened to our Project Manager (Zheng Jie) instructions and complied with him. We were quite focused when we were constructing the bridge but when we had 30 minutes left, Lincoln kept complaining that we are running out of time and have to speed up our construction, although we still eventually ran out of time. Through this activity, I have learnt what am I good at, and teamwork is very important in SST, Singapore. Initially, I did not really communicate well with my peers but as time elapse, we know more about one another better.

My group having a joyous time creating the bridge shown below:

Photo from: Goh Jia Sheng's(2nd person from the left)Macbook Pro

Members in our group(Starting from the left):Teng Zheng Jie, Goh Jia Sheng, Lincoln Chu Mesina, Tay Pei Shan, K J Shakti & Benz Kew

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